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Smartphone with app icons. Abstract technology concept. Low polygonal geometric shapes
Smartphone with app icons. Abstract technology concept. Low polygonal geometric shapes

TOKN is an enterprise platform that connects corporate data and systems by building, managing and connecting mobile apps for business



The TOKN Platform provides the ability to create, oversee, and link business applications with minimal or no required coding. It serves as a low-code app development and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). By consolidating all the necessary features for seamless system connections the platform enables swift app construction and implementation that is accessible across various devices.

The cloud platform enables businesses, regardless of their size or financial resources, to swiftly launch essential business applications without the added expenses of extra software or complexities associated with system development and deployment.

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  • The TOKN Enterprise Platform is a low code enterprise integration platform (iPaaS) that bundles all the capability required to easily connect systems and quickly build and deploy apps.

  • Discover what is beneath the surface by embracing the flexibility of a low code platform approach. TOKN Workbench enables administrators to collaboratively build intuitive applications quickly and with relative ease through pre-built app components, template libraries and code editors for more advanced app builds.

  • TOKN has an array of low code app development templates that are ready to be customised by you, to suit your specific needs and unique business processes

  • Get started with low code plug and play app templates. All TOKN apps are built on the TOKN Cloud Based Enterprise Platform and deployed effortlessly to the native TOKN Client across iOS, Android and Windows devices.

  • Spin up unlimited environments and manage the complete enterprise mobility app lifecycle. Easily promote apps from one environment to the other and maintain control within TOKN app versioning.

  • It doesn’t matter what system you’re running or on which devices, TOKN will bridge the gap to get your organisation upwardly mobile. TOKN Connect is a comprehensive enterprise integration framework allowing quick and secure configuration of connections to external systems, using a variety of services.

  • TOKN Workflow simplifies the lifecycle management, deployment, and workflow creation across processes and connected systems.

  • Create a redundancy in your infrastructure that can respond to increased loads, server failures, component faults and more. Your data is always available, no matter what life throws at you. TOKN has the capability to scale both up and down when required, as the architecture supports both horizontal and vertical scalability.

  • TOKN comes with out-of-the-box industry standard security features, that do not compromise the user experience. The TOKN Client includes bi-factor authentication with push code messaging as standard. The platform also provides a secure container housing for all TOKN apps and data.

  • TOKN’s secure cloud-native technology means complete peace of mind don’t have to worry about running and managing servers or server licences.

TOKN Platform Overview

TOKN is more than just a app. The TOKN Platform is a multi-tenant platform used to connect and build apps and workflows using your existing IT infrastructure and systems. In addition, TOKN has a comprehensive administration engine, and the platform includes the capability to run at scale, with no hidden software or hardware infrastructure costs. 

TOKN sits above and connects with legacy systems, allowing businesses to move data between critical business applications, without the associated costs of acquiring or maintaining additional software or custom code.

TOKN Management Console

The administration console is used to manage the TOKN services for your organisation. An administrator can simply log into the registered account and have instant access t and instantly access the full range of TOKN Platform capabilities. The TOKN Management Console comprises of the following key components; Connect, Workbench, Workflow, Control, Sense and Content Management all seamlessly integrated within the TOKN Mobile Client.

TOKN comprises of pre-built native clients, available on the IOS, Android, and Microsoft App stores. The TOKN Mobile Client is downloaded and installed by the end user and facilitates the deployment of applications from the TOKN Console to the user’s device. The TOKN Mobile Client include the following capabilities and features:

TOKN Mobile Client

  • Full online and offline processing of tasks, activities and processes;

  • Secure containerisation for all mobile applications;

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities;

  • Bi-factor authentication services that enable seamless log-in;

  • Single-step end user enrolment.

Accelerated productivity gains 
Easily connected ERP & Accounting systems
Process automation and efficiency improvements 
Seamless app delivery across all devices
A more engaged and connected workforce 
Secure multifactor authentication 
Offline working capability 
Device flexibility 
Improved compliance
No hardware installation
Bring Your Own Device

Benefits of Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility

Save your organisation countless hours of manual, repetitive work to deliver greater speed, efficiency transparency, safety and resilience.


Connect TOKN Connect is a comprehensive enterprise integration framework, allowing quick and secure connections to external systems using a variety of services. Administration users can interrogate an API, select required fields, create data structures and connect to external systems to fetch and post data.

TOKN Platform Features and Modules

Meet the parts of our low-code app development platform and go mobile with ease.

Workbench TOKN Workbench enables administrators to collaboratively build intuitive applications quickly and with relative ease. TOKN Workbench include pre-built app components, code editors, template libraries, code upload functions, app testing tools and code promotion features.

Workflow TOKN Workflow unifies end user data across different business systems, providing a high degree of flexibility in how a user interacts with different connected systems and apps.

Control Securely manage connected devices using the enhanced device management capability embedded within TOKN Control. The built-in features include geo-location (geo-position and geo-ring fencing), device manager, enhanced security features, embedded app analytics, reports and log files (change logs, system logs, traffic logs and connected device logs).

Sense Safely manage you workforce and automate decision making using sensors to start collecting live data, transmitted via nodes to TOKN Sense. Alerts and notifications can be sent, and tasks can be created in connected systems when readings are outside a specified range.

Content Management TOKN CMS connect and engage with mobile workforces by creating a “window” into the organisation, while reflecting the organisation’s own brand style and image.

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