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MineRP is the world’s only Operational Technology (OT) platform purposely built to unify the OT and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) domains in the global mining, manufacturing and resources industries



The mine of the future is productive, profitable and a good corporate citizen.

From strategic planning to in-shift execution, MineRP is built for the future, and our experts intently focused on making mines successful. We enable mining teams to create and test integrated mine planning scenarios, deliver optimal schedules, and provide operations with realistic shift plans they can trust.​

MineRP takes care of collaboration and integration, which means our clients spend their time on unlocking value, reducing costs, and doing mining right.

    • Consolidate your mine plans, from Life of Mine to the next shift’s detail

    • Manage production, financial and ESG plans on one platform

    • Continue using the design, planning and scheduling tools you already own

    • Integrate your mine plan, maintenance schedules and much more

    • Do away with conflicts through a Master Business Schedule containing all work

    • Optimise your Master Business Schedule and get the guaranteed best schedule

    • Detailed, task-level plans for every shift

    • Seamlessly integrate with Fleet Management Systems

    • Continuously update schedules from Operational Feedback Systems

    • Don’t just report on ESG after the fact

    • Evaluate planning scenarios with ESG baked-in from the start

    • Use smart SOPs that implement your ESG rules as you transact to execute your plans

    • Dynamically create smart transactions from every planned activity on your Master Business Schedule

    • Get the right resources to the right place at the right time, while staying on top of costs and supply chain

    • Continuously integrate all the systems you already use

    • Be hyper-aware of equipment, production and environmental conditions in real time

    • Immediate actionable insight

    • Advanced analytics, AI and ML ready

MineRP Platform Overview

The MineRP Platform uniquely connects the mine plan and operations schedule with financial and logistical processes while continuously infusing ESG commitments at every point.

Detailed Shift Plans • Create detailed work packages for the next shift directly from the Master Business Schedule • Assign equipment, operators and other resources based on real-time availability • Automate collaboration with logistics and support teams

Digital Short Interval Control of all work, everywhere. MineRP allows you to effectively plan, orchestrate and track work during the shift. Integrating seamlessly with most fleet management systems and digital execution tools, MineRP’s Master Work Manager allows for synchronised execution across production, support and logistical teams. 

​​Automate the critical interaction between production and ERP systems that is required to harmonise the flow of materials, consumables and operators, and remove unnecessary waiting time, shortages, or unplanned and unsafe work.

Master Work Management

Seamless Work Management • Automate work distribution to Fleet Management Systems, Remote Operations Centers and Shift Supervisors • Adjust task durations, add new work to the plan, and dynamically manage changes in real time

Continuous Feedback • Integrate with Operator Feedback tools • Track and manage resource and consumable availability, movements and delays • Integrate with machine telematics and IoT platforms

Compliance to Plan • Use spatial production dashboards and 3D visualisation to monitor and measure compliance to plan • Create automated rules and workflow procedures to actively remove latency from the entire system

One Schedule • Incorporate Production, Maintenance, Logistics and any other schedules into one • Avoid wasting time waiting for consumables, equipment or supporting tasks to complete

Align your plans for efficient execution. The MineRP Master Business Schedule is the link between your longer-term plans and your execution schedule that ensures cross-discipline collaboration without disrupting individual departments. 


Optimising and adjusting the Master Business Schedule to align extraction with short term opportunities can be done without fear of sacrificing alignment between strategy and operations. Create the best short-term schedule in one place that includes all the work to be done, without changing your current tools.

Master Business Scheduling & Optimisation

Strategic to Operational Alignment • Many a short-term plan has sterilised mining strategies • Keep your operational activities in line with your long-term goals

Safe, Productive Teams • Unplanned work is unsafe work • Don’t give operations targets without plans • Reduce conflict between teams by removing conflicts from the schedule

Maximising Efficiency and Compliance with MineRP

MineRP is recognised for its ability to bring together geological, operational, and spatial data to provide a holistic view of mining operations. This helps mining companies make more informed decisions, improve resource utilisation, and enhance overall efficiency while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. It is a valuable tool for mining companies looking to modernise their operations and leverage technology for competitive advantage.

Integrated Mine Planning MineRP integrates everything, and delivers the best platform tools to create unparalleled, integrated mine plans for any kind of mine. If you are already invested in planning tools, MineRP has the capability to consolidate mine plans built in any other system. • MineRP consolidates your mine plans, from Life of Mine to the next shift’s detail • Your engineers use the design planning and scheduling tools they already know • MineRP works for any mining method and any mineral

MineRP offers a unique way to go beyond integrated planning, and consolidate Mine, Financial and ESG Planning by using planned mining activities to drive the budget, and ESG commitments to provide the guardrails for decision making as the business transacts to execute the plan. 

Stop creating reports and embed your values into your strategies and tactics with MineRP.

Consolidated Mining Planning

Connected Budgets Empower the business with Integrated Financial and Operational plans and insights. Financial plans and budgets both constrain and are derived from mine plans.  With MineRP this reality is reflected in the way that mine plans and budgets are created as two sides of the same plan. • ​Dynamically link Operational and Financial Plans by connecting your ERP and mining systems • Native integration between Mine Planning and Business Planning (ERP financial enumeration of mine plans) • Improve Supply-Chain and Logistics processes through advanced demand automation and ERP system insights

Infused ESG Commitments Reducing emissions requires careful planning and impacts everything. Use MineRP to iterate mine design, budget and ESG alternatives to derive optimal plans aligned with the total business strategy. • With MineRP, mine planning alternatives can be evaluated and optimised for ESG objectives including CO2, diversity and governance guidelines • ESG is not estimated after the fact, but baked in during planning and continuously measured and implemented during execution

  • Reporting is merely tabulating and consolidating what you achieved in the past.  The stakeholder economy both demands and rewards going beyond reports.

    • Include ESG targets and commitments into your mine planning scenarios

    • Digitally enact your ESG values as you transact and engage with all stakeholders

    • Create ESG reports directly from MineRP, or integrate with the ESG reporting tools of choice

  • Procuring equipment, materials and services from the right source, at the right time can mean the difference between business success and failure.

    • Use Smart Standard Operating Procedures to expand strategic planning into detailed plans and SCM demand statements

    • Rapidly simulate the ESG impact of procurement alternatives

    • Encapsulate governance into operational procurement and stakeholder engagement

  • Considering changing to Battery Electric Vehicles to reduce your carbon footprint? Upgrading your solar plant to improve offset?  Reducing emissions requires careful planning and impacts everything.

    • Model and optimise Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions resulting from your mine plan and operations

    • Iterate mine design, budget and ESG alternatives to derive optimal plans aligned with the total business strategy

ESG & Sustainability

Include Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) into the way you plan and operate.  Get a head start on compliance while maintaining the flexibility needed to respond quickly to changes in evolving global requirements.


Most mining companies are stuck somewhere between making sincere, yet unfounded ESG promises, and creating vague, after-the-fact ESG reports.  Operationalising your ESG commitments entails fundamentally infusing it into the way you strategize, plan, operate and report.

  • Develop smart mine plans optimised for Production, Profit and ESG targets

  • Include ESG attributes into every planned mining activity, at every horizon of planning

  • Unlock strategic sourcing for your supply chain by considering ESG attributes during planning and execution for the entire Bill of Resources defined by your mine plan

  • Deliver reliable, transparent reporting on every ESG target by consolidating ESG attributes assigned to every mining activity, resource and supplier – no more guessing and averages involved.

MineRP provides tools to integrate geological and operational data. This integration allows mining companies to bridge the gap between geological modelling and actual mining operations, resulting in better decision-making, optimised resource management and improved mining efficiency.

Integration of Geological and Operational Data

The platform includes advanced geological modelling capabilities, which help mining companies create detailed and accurate geological models. This is critical for efficient mine planning, ore reserve estimation, and minimising mining risks.

Accurate Geological Modelling

MineRP assists in managing and optimising resources, such as equipment, personnel, and materials, to improve overall efficiency and reduce operational costs. The platform also helps with planning and scheduling mining activities, including drilling, blasting, and transportation of materials.

Resource Optimisation

The software integrates spatial data, including Geographic Information System (GIS) data, to provide a geospatial context for mining operations. This is crucial for efficient resource management and environmental compliance.

Spatial Data Integration

MineRP supports integration with other enterprise systems like ERP and asset management solutions to ensure seamless data flow and coordination across different departments within the mining and manufacturing operations.

Enterprise Integration

The platform streamlines mining processes through workflow automation, reducing manual intervention, increasing efficiency, improved decision-making and reduced operational cost.

Workflow Automation

MineRP provides tools for data analytics, reporting, and visualisation. Users can analyse data and generate reports and dashboards to gain insights into their mining operations. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Many mining operations are subject to strict environmental and safety regulations. MineRP includes features for managing and ensuring compliance with these environmental and safety requirements.

Environmental and Compliance Management

MineRP offer digital twin and simulation capabilities, allowing mining companies to create virtual representations of their operations for scenario analysis, planning, and risk assessment.

Digital Twin and Simulation

MineRP can adapt to changes in mining processes and workflows, as well as evolving industry requirements, ensuring that the platform remains relevant as mining operations evolve.


By leveraging technology and optimising mining operations, MineRP can help mining companies gain a competitive advantage in the industry, especially as they strive for greater efficiency and sustainability.

Competitive Advantage

MineRP contributes to operational excellence by reducing waste, improving resource utilisation, and increasing productivity, ultimately leading to higher profitability.

Operational Excellence

The platform helps in identifying and mitigating risks associated with mining operations, leading to safer working conditions and reduced incidents.

Safety and Risk Management

By providing comprehensive data and insights, MineRP enables more informed decision-making in all aspects of mining operations, from resource allocation to compliance.

Improved Decision-Making

Accurate multi-mineral evaluation has never been this powerful, nor this fast! Harnessing high-performance cloud computing, MineRP Planner delivers asynchronous evaluation capabilities in the background while you continue.

Lightning-Fast Evaluation

Key Benefits for Organisations

MineRP offer several benefits to mining and manufacturing companies by providing specialised software solutions to make more informed decisions, optimise operations, increase productivity, manage resources, improve overall efficiency, stay compliant with industry regulations while reducing costs and risks. Some of the key benefits of using MineRP include

Connect Everything One platform to consolidate all your mining data. MineRP gives you the freedom to use the systems you know without sacrificing the value of integrated information. • Keep the systems you have already invested in through capital and training • Robotic Process Automation takes care of systems collaboration while you take care of mining

MineRP is a comprehensive Digital InterOperability Platform that delivers real-time visibility, forward-looking insights, and operational control to your mine. MineRP solves the problem of slow decision making in both planning and execution through a standards-driven platform for mining.​

Enterprise InterOperability

Focus on Value Plan the Mine, Mine the Plan. InterOperability is about more than merely integrating systems and sharing data.   Making the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions is only valuable if those decisions can be made quickly, and decisions can be implemented without causing chaos.  Digitisation projects focused on digitising of machines without integrating planning and execution are underpowered and unsustainable. Faster decisions during the shift means safer and more productive outcomes. • Advanced analytics, AI and ML ready • Faster decisions during the shift means safer and more productive outcomes • Built-in 3D Visualisation and Analytics

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