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Globally recognised business process management and related enterprise platforms at your fingertips
FlowCentric Processware logo

FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware, developed by FlowCentric Technologies is a powerful and cutting-edge BPM platform for rapid and sustainable building and management of process-driven business applications.

BusinessOptix logo


BusinessOptix is a powerful and cutting-edge BPMN platform for mining, mapping and modelling business processes, with added ability to create form fields for automating processes with FlowCentric Processware.

TOKN logo


TOKN is an enterprise platform that connects corporate data and systems by building, managing and connecting mobile apps for business.

MineRP logo


MineRP is the world’s only Operational Technology (OT) platform purposely built to unify the OT and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) domains in the global mining, manufacturing and resources industries. 

GC2 logo


GC2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES), developed by GC2 is designed primarily for the mining, beneficiation, smelting, engineering, manufacturing and natural resources industries.

Agile and endlessly configurable integrated information systems play a critical role in today's business environment.

In our continuous strive for innovation, we have established value-added distribution partnerships with key technology partners to offer the following cutting-edge and powerful enterprise platforms to our channel partners and end-customers:

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