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FlowCentric Processware, developed by FlowCentric Technologies is a powerful and cutting-edge BPM platform for rapid and sustainable building and management of process-driven business applications



FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware is a powerful business process management (BPM) and workflow automation software platform designed to help organisations streamline and optimise a wide range of unique business processes.


The platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface and flexibility that allows organisations to digitise and automate recurring tasks in any process, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the process.

  • FlowCentric Processware provides organisations the functionality to model their business processes visually, typically using a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easier for business analysts and process owners to design and document workflows. The platform provides the opportunity for either a low-code or a full coding environment, specifically pertaining to more robust enterprise applications and processes.

  • The platform enables the automation of both simple and complex workflows. Organisations can define rules, conditions, and actions to automate tasks and decisions within a process, reducing manual intervention and human error.

  • FlowCentric Processware can integrate with various systems and applications, facilitating the exchange of data and information between different parts of an organisation. This is critical for end-to-end process automation.

  • Organisations can create custom forms and user interfaces for their processes. This allows for the collection and presentation of data in a way that's intuitive and relevant to specific tasks and roles.

  • The platform provides tools for monitoring and analysing process performance. Users can track key performance indicators (KPIs), gather data on process efficiency, and generate reports to help make data-driven decisions for process improvement.

  • FlowCentric Processware includes features to ensure regulatory compliance and data security. It allows organisations to enforce access controls, audit trails, and other security measures to protect sensitive data.

  • One of the many strengths of FlowCentric Processware is its adaptability. Organisations can modify and update processes as the business evolves.

  • The platform supports collaboration among users, allowing them to work together on tasks and make decisions within a process.

  • FlowCentric Processware can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, giving organisations flexibility in choosing the hosting option that best suits their needs.

  • It is used in a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Its versatility makes it a suitable choice for various business environments.

FlowCentric Processware Platform Overview

The platform is designed to run across departments and existing software systems, adding the layer of agility and responsiveness that modern businesses need to thrive. FlowCentric Processware is the ideal tool for organisations intent on enforcing legislative controls, improving operational efficiency, and making their data work for them.

FlowCentric Processware is a user-friendly and versatile BPM solution that empowers organisations to improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance visibility into their processes. It is the most valuable tool for organisations seeking to achieve digital transformation and process optimisation.

Execute and Manage Processes with FlowCentric Processware®

The FlowCentric Processware Platform
  • Connects people to processes, activities, and data.

  • Integrate into all systems and consolidates information.

  • Crosses geographical boundaries.

  • Automatically initiate processes.

  • Allows onsite, remote and hybrid process management.

  • Adapts as business requirements change.

  • Works the way your business works.

  • Promotes accountability and responsibility.

The FlowCentric BPM Platform Ensures
  • Informed decision making.

  • No duplication of data. 

  • Improve data accuracy and process execution.

  • Rapidly extend and improve the functionality of existing systems.

  • Easily access the data you need.

  • Integration to document management systems.

  • Upload and save documents to a single repository.

  • Document links are archived with the process for easy reference.

The platform allows organisations to create standardised and streamlined business processes. This consistency is critical for ensuring product safety and efficacy, as it reduces the likelihood of errors and deviations from established procedures that can be built into the platform.

Streamlined Business Processes

For organisations in industries that operates under a web of strict regulations and standards, FlowCentric Processware can help to navigate the regulatory landscape by ensuring that processes adhere to both internal and industry guidelines. This commitment to, and management of compliance can prevent costly fines and legal issues.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Data security and document management are paramount for all organisations and FlowCentric Processware offers robust features to safeguard sensitive information and ensure proper document handling, wither within the platform or through integration to other document management systems.

Data Security and Document Management 

FlowCentric Processware provides real-time visibility into processes, tasks and activities. Stakeholders can monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and address issues promptly. This transparency is essential for informed decision-making and operational optimisation.

Real-Time Visibility and Transparency

Access to real-time data and analytics empowers decision-makers. FlowCentric Processware provides applicable and relevant information to decision makers that enables them to make informed and validated decisions. Further insights within the platform are provided that can optimise processes, resource allocation, and overall strategic decision-making.

Improved Decision-Making

Effective collaboration and communication are vital in any organisation, especially for cross-functional teams. The platform serves as a centralised hub for business processes, communication and approvals, therefore promoting teamwork and knowledge sharing. In combination with BusinessOptix, knowledge sharing can be further promoted and encapsulated in the design and modelling of business processes that are performed in a collaborative and open manner between all stakeholders.

Collaboration and Communication

Processes can be initiated automatically based on integration data received from sensors, emails, and documents. Automation through integration ensure streamlining of workflows while reducing manual intervention.

Initiate Automation

Utilising FlowCentric Processware as a single integrated BPM platform will give any company a competitive edge. The platform can enable rapid responses to market changes, effective innovation, and sustained operational excellence.

Competitive Advantage

By automating processes and reducing manual intervention, FlowCentric Processware can lead to significant cost savings in terms of labour, time, and resources. It also minimises errors and rework, which are very expensive for organisations.

Cost Reduction

Organisations often need to adapt to changing market conditions or customer demands. FlowCentric Processware is scalable, meaning the platform can grow with the organisation. As business needs change and expand, the platform can accommodate increased workload, complexity and any other required business processes, thus making FlowCentric Processware future-proof.

Scalability and Agility

FlowCentric Processware empowers organisations of any size to streamline their operations by automating a wide range of business processes. Whether it's regulatory compliance, document management, inventory control, supply chain management, sales and operations planning or quality management, the platform reduces manual, repetitive tasks, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Efficiency and Automation

FlowCentric Processware can help organisations identify and mitigate risks associated with their business processes. This can help them avoid costly mistakes and protect their reputation.

Better Risk Management

FlowCentric Processware can help organisations to improve the quality of their products or services by reducing errors, defects, and rework. This in turn will lead to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Improved Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The software platform seamlessly integrates with various departments and existing systems, ensuring everyone is on the same page, without the need to replicate or duplicate data capturing.

Cross-Departmental and System Integration

Key Benefits for Organisations

FlowCentric Processware assists organisations in achieving operational excellence, reducing costs, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction. All of these in turn, can lead to increased revenue, market share, and profitability.

Maximising Efficiency and Compliance with FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware, a comprehensive business process management (BPM) and workflow automation platform, offers a powerful solution to meet these challenges. FlowCentric Processware brings a host of benefits to both organisations and users within any industry, irrespective of the size of the organisation.

Users experience smoother and more efficient tasks, activities and workflows within FlowCentric Processware. The platform automates repetitive tasks, reducing manual data entry and paperwork, resulting in a more organised and less error-prone work environment.

Streamlined Workflows within Business Processes

FlowCentric Processware can help users to understand their roles and responsibilities within a process. This will help users to prioritise their work, communicate more effectively with others and take ownership of their tasks.

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

FlowCentric Processware can support training and onboarding processes. New employees can use the platform as a resource for learning and following standard operating procedures. The platform can also provide opportunities for growth and development by exposing users to new processes and technologies whilst developing skills and expanding user expertise.

Training, Onboarding and Growth

Users have quick, direct, valid and secure access to critical information, analytics and documents, enhancing their ability to work efficiently and make informed decisions.

Access to Information

FlowCentric Processware enables seamless communication, information and document sharing, as well as collaboration on processes and projects, fostering better teamwork and knowledge sharing.


Users can track the progress of tasks, activities and processes in real-time, allowing them to monitor activity status, identify bottlenecks, and take corrective actions promptly, thereby improving efficiency.

Real-time Tracking

In a highly regulated industries, compliance is paramount. FlowCentric Processware helps users adhere to regulatory requirements by providing automated risk and compliance checks and audit trails within the platform.

Compliance Assistance

Users can trust the platform's robust data security features to protect sensitive information, a critical consideration when handling confidential data, intellectual property, and other essential data.

Data Security

Automation and standardised processes reduce the potential for human errors. Users can rely on the platform to guide them through tasks and activities, ensuring adherence to established procedures with precision.

Reduced Errors

By reducing frustration and inefficiencies, FlowCentric Processware can improve job satisfaction. This can lead to higher morale, better retention rates, and a more positive work environment.

Enhanced Job Satisfaction

Users can easily manage their tasks and responsibilities within the platform. It offers visibility into assigned tasks, deadlines, and priorities, ensuring compliance with regulatory and quality standards.

Task Management

The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making navigation and task execution straightforward without the need for extensive technical training.

User-Friendly Interface

Key Benefits for Users

Users within an organisation benefit from FlowCentric Processware by simplifying their individual work processes, increasing their productivity, and enhancing their job satisfaction.

Why FlowCentric Processware?

FlowCentric Processware is a versatile and powerful tool that brings multiple benefits to organisations and their users. It streamlines operations, ensures compliance, enhances collaboration, and ultimately contributes to maintaining high standards of product quality and regulatory adherence. As companies continue to face evolving challenges, FlowCentric Processware offers a robust solution to stay agile, competitive, and compliant.


Since processes are orchestrated and managed within a governance, compliance, risk and dynamic approval framework, FlowCentric Processware provides a holistic and future-proof solution for managing and optimising an organisation's unique business processes within a single integrated platform.

Companies are charged for the user licences they require, not the number of processes they automate. This makes FlowCentric Processware the ideal BPM software for companies that are serious about implementing far-reaching improvements in their business.

System To System Integration

Accelerate business by making the most of your company’s data. FlowCentric Processware can integrate with various systems and applications, facilitating the exchange of data and information between different parts of an organisation. This is critical for end-to-end process automation.

FlowCentric Processware has integrated with numerous systems including, but not limited to:

  • Acumatica Cloud ERP

  • Dynamics 365

  • Dynamics AX

  • Dynamics CRM

  • Dynamics GP

  • Dynamics NAV

  • Epicor

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

  • JD Edwards World

  • MYOB

  • Oracle Primavera P6

  • Pronto Software

  • Pronto Xi

  • Ramco

  • Sage 300 (Accpac)

  • Sage Pastel

  • Sage X3

  • SAP Business One



  • Bulk Mailer Products

  • DMS Products

  • IoT Devices

  • National Databases

  • Web Services

Achieve Value and become Resilient with FlowCentric Processware

With FlowCentric Processware you can quickly build, integrate and evolve process-driven applications without adding unnecessary complexity to the organisation’s IT architecture. Use FlowCentric Processware to convert your unique business processes into the applications that your organisation needs to thrive.

Process Suite The Process Suite is the primary development environment, providing developers and administrators with the ability to design and build processes and manage the corporate users along with the users’ relationships within these processes.

The business process management software platform offers a wide range of out-the-box features and capabilities, including:

FlowCentric Processware Platform Features 

Navigation Framework The Navigation Framework enables developers to quickly create and deploy visually appealing, standardised web applications that deliver a consistent, intuitive experience to end-users.

Web Navigator Interface End-users only interact with FlowCentric Processware through the Web Navigator Interface. The Web Navigator delivers an optimised user interface designed to help information workers to navigate the system with minimal clicks and perform their routine tasks as rapidly and simply as possible.

Integrated Search Engine The Integrated Search Engine allows end-users to find current and archived data quickly and easily, negating the need to waste time searching through filing cabinets, network drives, or emails.

Notification, Routing and Escalation Engine The Notification, Routing, and Escalation Engine enables end-users to receive task notifications via SMS or email, route tasks to other team members, and automatically escalates outstanding tasks within a set timeframe. This feature ensures that processes keep moving until they are completed.

Security Framework A Security Framework that ensures each end-user has access to the appropriate levels of information and authorisation rights, allowing them to work, confident in the knowledge that they are not authorising anything beyond their authority level.

Versioning Framework The Versioning Framework simplifies the deployment of updated process applications, encouraging faster turnaround times on additions and enhancements, with less downtime and no loss of productivity or data during updates.

Integration Framework An Integration Framework that enables a company to connect multiple systems through a single interface, making it easier for employees to perform their tasks as they don’t need to swap between multiple systems to perform their tasks.

Managed Code Managed Code can be executed on any machine that has the .NET framework installed, regardless of the underlying hardware and operating system. This makes it easier to write and deploy applications that can run on a wide variety of platforms.

Reporting and Analytics Framework: A Reporting and Analytics Framework that logs all data from executed tasks, allowing reports to be written at any stage, even months after the events.

FlowCentric Processware Features
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