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BusinessOptix is a powerful and cutting-edge BPMN platform for mining, mapping and modelling business processes, with added ability to create form fields for automating processes with FlowCentric Processware




BusinessOptix is a cloud-based business transformation platform for discovering, analysing and modelling business processes and workflows. The platform is easy to use and promotes team collaboration, which means that you can get all the right people to work together on perfecting your process diagrams.


The BusinessOptix platform not only allows you to visually model your business processes, but also allows organisations to create all the form fields that are necessary to digitise and automate their business processes with the FlowCentric Processware BPM platform.

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  • BusinessOptix provides a user-friendly interface for modelling business processes. Users can create detailed process diagrams, specifying tasks, activities, roles, accountability and the flow of information.

  • The platform supports collaboration among teams and stakeholders. Multiple users can work on process models, share feedback, and ensure that processes are accurately documented and understood.

  • Users can document not only the process flows but also associated information like policies, procedures, guidelines, and best practices. This creates a comprehensive repository of process-related knowledge.

  • BusinessOptix includes tools for analysing and assessing process performance. Users can identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement in their processes.

  • BusinessOptix offer process simulation capabilities where users can simulate the execution of processes to understand how changes would impact performance and outcomes before implementing them in real life.

  • The platform integrates with FlowCentric Processware and other automation systems, allowing users to automate tasks and activities within the documented processes. This helps in streamlining operations and reducing manual work.

  • BusinessOptix can assist in ensuring that processes adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements. It can track changes, maintain process versions, and provide audit trails to meet governance needs.

  • Users can generate reports and dashboards to visualise process data and key performance indicators. This facilitates data-driven decision-making and helps track process improvements.

  • BusinessOptix can integrate with other enterprise systems to enable data exchange and ensure process alignment with the broader organisation's goals.

  • The platform supports change management efforts by helping organisations plan and implement process improvements. Users can model future-state processes and manage the transition from current-state to desired-state processes.

BusinessOptix Platform Overview

BusinessOptix is a platform designed for business process discovery, modelling, analysis, and management. It helps organisations document, analyse, and optimise their business processes, making it easier to understand and improve the way they operate. 

BusinessOptix is widely used by organisations across various industries to enhance process efficiency, reduce operational costs, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. It provides a holistic view of business processes, encourages collaboration, and facilitates data-driven process optimisation, making it a valuable tool for businesses aiming to improve their operations and stay competitive.

BusinessOptix makes a dynamic copy of a business in our software, so you are able to understand and continuously adapt and improve your business operations and client experience.

Discover, Model, Analyse and Optimise Processes with BusinessOptix

Discover: Capture and explore your end-to-end processes and link them to your strategy

Analyse: Uncover bottlenecks and simulate changes to identify the right targets for automation

Design: Build create and manage future state 

Deliver: Plan, manage and measure your journey collaboratively

Optimise: Measure, manage and continually optimise

BusinessOptix Capabilities

BusinessOptix allows organisations to create clear and visual representations of their business processes. This clarity helps teams and stakeholders better understand how processes work and how they can be improved.

Business Process Clarity

By documenting and modelling business processes, organisations can identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. This leads to process improvements that increase operational efficiency and productivity.

Efficiency and Productivity

BusinessOptix provides collaboration tools that enable teams to work together on process design, analysis, and improvement. This promotes cross-functional collaboration and shared understanding.


The platform supports change management efforts by helping organisations plan and implement process changes. It allows users to model future-state processes and manage the transition from current-state to desired-state processes.

Change Management

BusinessOptix often includes features for ensuring that processes adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements. It helps maintain audit trails and manage process versions to meet governance needs.

Compliance and Governance

Through process analysis, organisations can identify and mitigate risks associated with their operations, helping to avoid errors, compliance violations, and other issues.

Risk Reduction

BusinessOptix provides data analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing users to visualise process data and key performance indicators. This promotes data-driven decision-making and enables organisations to track improvements.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The platform can often integrate with other enterprise systems, such as ERP and CRM systems, to ensure that processes align with the broader organisational goals and facilitate data exchange.


BusinessOptix is designed to be adaptable and can accommodate changes in processes and workflows. This flexibility is valuable in dynamic business environments.


Beyond process flows, BusinessOptix allows organisations to document other relevant information such as policies, procedures, and best practices. This creates a comprehensive repository of process-related knowledge.


BusinessOptix helps standardise processes across the organisation, ensuring that best practices are followed consistently and reducing variations in how tasks are performed.


With the ability to model, analyse, and optimise processes, organisations can engage in a culture of continuous improvement, seeking ways to enhance processes over time.

Continuous Improvement

By eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining processes, BusinessOptix can lead to cost reductions in terms of time, resources, and materials.

Cost Reduction

Better processes often result in improved customer experiences. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Customer Experience

Faster and more efficient processes can reduce time-to-market for products and services, allowing organisations to respond more quickly to market demands.


Improve Business Processes and Efficiency with BusinessOptix

All these benefits make BusinessOptix a valuable tool for organisations seeking to enhance their operational effectiveness, streamline processes, and drive continuous improvement efforts. It empowers businesses to stay competitive, comply with regulations, and better serve their customers.

Implementing BusinessOptix offers several benefits and advantages to organisations looking to improve their business processes and operational efficiency.

Leverage a data-driven, fact-based approach to process improvement, leveraging your system data and empirical evidence to uncover how processes work in the real world. Process mining unlocks transformation opportunities from the outset identifying bottlenecks, variances and friction points from your system data.

Data Driven: Process Mining

Create robust process models from scratch or import previous artifacts you may have to jump start your models. The power of process mapping in Collaborate is that it takes you well beyond mapping, allowing you to capture powerful metrics, utilise stakeholder collaboration, and align your organisation and technologies so you know exactly what is happening in your processes.

Model Driven: Process Mapping

Quickly garner the intelligence of your processes from your workforce through easy-to-use surveys that dynamically build your current state view of processes from anywhere. The survey forms provide a simple step by step walk-through to capture how your associates work, unlocking the ability to quickly address improvement opportunities.

Crowd Driven: Accelerated Capture

Capture Opportunity with Rapid Process Discovery

Capture Processes with BusinessOptix

  • Quickly design, model and document your business processes

  • Benchmark current process metrics

  • Scenario modelling and simulation

  • Get your processes ready for digitisation

  • Easily generate training documents

  • Test process changes in a safe environment

  • Export mapped processes to FlowCentric Processware

Why BusinessOptix?

  • Much more than a modelling tool

  • Getting the right strategic vision

  • Equip your business to evolve

  • Encourage Team Collaboration – Improve Interdepartmental Communication

  • Communicate Important Changes More Effectively

  • Regulatory Compliance - It’s more than just playing defence

  • Quick Document Generation

  • Greater Control with Master Data

  • Where Innovation and Output Meet

Your Path to Process Discovery, Transformation and Continuous Optimisation

BusinessOptix gives you the power to test different business scenarios in a safe environment before making any real-world changes.

The BusinessOptix platform allows business analysts to model processes, generate functional specification documents and export the mapped processes directly into the powerful automation suite, FlowCentric Processware. Developers can immediately start working to create automated, integrated business applications that are tailored to address the organisation’s requirements.

Process Discovery (Mining & Mapping) Mine and map current and future state and continuously improve your processes.

BusinessOptix Platform Features

Documentation & Work Instructions Build standardisation and governance into new processes and ways of working.

Scenario Modelling & Simulation Create and test alternative flows and outcomes to identify improvements that will deliver the best value to the organisation.

Customer Experience Design Promote open communication and knowledge-sharing with stakeholders and customers.

Target Operating Model Design Create a holistic view of your operations linked through to your processes.

Transformation Planning & Analysis Set goals, strategy and milestones, and track your progress.

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