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DnA Digital Technologies was established to assist organisations in accelerating their business and digital transformation objectives. As a value-adding enterprise platform distributor and system integrator, we offer a comprehensive solution portfolio with deep industry knowledge, extensive technology expertise, and profound customer insights. Through our expertise and globally recognised technology partner platforms, we support our channel partners and customers in the analysis, design, development and implementation of agile BPM And MES solutions tailored specifically to every client's individual requirements. We have the proficiency and resources to quickly build, integrate and evolve process driven applications for any company without adding unnecessary complexity to their current IT architecture. Our value-added services further assist clients in reaching their business trajectory, no matter where they are in their digital transformation journey. We therefore aim to provide every customer with an optimal digital experience that is consistent and unified across every touchpoint. At DnA Digital Technologies, we have a strong focus on stakeholder value by building long lasting partnerships. With customer experience as primary focus, we are invested in the success of our channel partners and clients. Our services are widely sought after for the experience in software distribution, as well as our successful track record in the design, automation and digitalisation of unique business processes across all business sectors. Our core competencies: • Value-added Distribution of cutting-edge BPM and related Technology Partner Platforms; • Digital Transformation Professional Services; • Business Process Management services including: Business Analysis, System Analysis, Process Design, Business Process Redesign, Data Mapping and Data Migration; • Automation and Digitalisation of Business Processes; • Business Process and System Development including System Integration; • Professional IT Services including IT Governance, Internal Control, IT Risk Management, IT Strategy and IT Project Management.

About Us

About Us
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Technology Makes It Possible…
People Make It Happen


Our Purpose

Assisting organisations in achieving optimal efficiency through successful business and digital transformation. We have a strong focus on stakeholder value and building long-lasting strategic partnerships with our technology vendors, channel partners and customers

​Get It Done & Do It Right

​To 'get it done' means to do a job with expertise, understanding of the customer needs, and to produce positive results. To 'do it right' means we equally value behaviors such as teamwork, optimism, enthusiasm, integrity and accountability.

Presume Positive Intent

We prefer to start each interaction from a place of understanding. We lead with a positive perspective in all situations, seek clarity, identify truth, and work towards solutions. 

Put The Customer First

It's simple. Always put the customer first. We care deeply about the customer experience and in helping them achieve success. This is our priority!

Don´t Wait... Every Second Counts

In the race for innovation and securing the collaboration culture, we believe courageous risk-taking is crucial to meeting our customers' needs. We want to be ready to provide the latest cutting-edge solutions to our customers. In the BPM and MES space, we are here to lead. That means moving at pace. 

Leave The World A Better Place

This is not just a value, it's a purpose. We come together to create, build, impact one another, and to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We care about people, our communities, the planet, and our customers. Giving back is in our DNA.

Maintain Successful Track Record 

DnA's business philosophy is to maintain a track record in successful automation of business processes, driving results and providing cost-effective IT solutions to our valued clients and their unique organisational challenges.

Our Values

These company values guide how we work each day:

As important as it is to get the job done, how we go about doing our job is equally as important.

Why Us?

Are you tired of business applications that don’t work as intended?

Are you tired of platforms that dictate the management of processes and operations?

Are you tired of overpromises and under delivery?

Then look no further, YOU and YOUR unique business requirements are at the forefront of everything we do!

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Alfred Pawson

Alfred Pawson

Alfred is an accomplished and diversified IT Executive / Consultant in multi-disciplinary environments. He prides himself in the fact that he speaks both Tech & Exec as he has in excess of 22 years’ experience across a variety of challenging operational and senior leadership IT functions. Alfred’s strong business and finance expertise allows him to understand complex business processes and their requirements. In addition, he presents a proven ability in streamlining business outcomes and the enablement of sustainable value to organisations and maintains a proven and successful track record of: ● Digitising complex business processes including end-to-end system integration; ● Driving results; ● Implementing effective IT business systems and solutions for organisational challenges. Alfred enjoys meeting people and hearing new perspectives. He is a sport and music enthusiast, and when he is not behind a white board designing a new customer solution or presenting at a conference, you will probably find him at a nearby golf course.

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Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Danica Tupa

Danica Tupa

Danica is a dynamic, result-driven individual with exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills who has an impressive track record and efficiency in key areas within Operational Strategy, Business Development and CRM. With over 25 years of extensive and broad experience in the financial and property, sectors she prides herself as a true believer of excellent service and delivery. Automation and digitisation of business processes evolved Danica to a higher level of thinking, where she can offer clients the insight of the unimaginable. Danica strives with ambitious resolve to meet the needs of every client’s portfolio. A keen perceptive understanding of the industry enables her to locate and reach operational targets for customers with a professional, vigorous and focused approach. Danica enjoys meeting new people and has a passion for animal welfare. She is a fitness enthusiast and loves exploring new countries, cuisines, and cultures.

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Chief Business Transformation Officer

Darren Jolly

Darren Jolly

Darren is a diversified professional Business Risk Management and Mitigation Specialist and has consulted to businesses & individuals alike for the past 22 years. With his energetic entrepreneurial drive and strategic approach, he gained his vast knowledge of multiple business sectors and operations through being a trusted consultant to executives and decision makers. With extensive experience in the financial sector by implementation of business strategy and optimising the organisations operational and transformation capabilities, his passion is to implement a holistic plan as a fundamental part of the process. Service delivery, client retention, innovation and client growth are just some of the inherent qualities that drive him. Darren is a true realist and enjoys a face-to-face connection with many different individuals. Away from the office, he puts his risk management skills to good use on the stock market. Adventure, fitness, and sports are high on his list of enjoyment.

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Partner: Channel Relations

Emmanuel Jansa

Emmanuel Jansa

Emmanuel has been a seasoned entrepreneur since 1998, specialising in IT professional services. He thrives on applying his expertise to foster intrapreneurship among partners and clients. By taking ownership of channel partner relations and adopting innovative approaches, he consistently delivers added value to their businesses. With a strong foundation in both business and IT, Emmanuel excels at bridging the gap between business requirements and IT solutions, ensuring seamless integration and mutual understanding. His extensive experience spans general management, project management, mergers and acquisitions, and business transformation, while his IT prowess encompasses business process management, integrations, big data, and IT architecture. Emmanuel has consistently created value for clients by: ● Automating and optimising business processes through system integrations; ● Designing reporting solutions that reconcile data sources; ● Integrating ERP systems with supply chain solutions to harmonise and standardise product master data. Outside of work, Emmanuel enjoys engaging in spirited debates, cooking for friends, and cherishing quality time with his children.

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Senior Management

Our senior management team holds in excess of 25 years’ experience across a variety of challenging operational and senior leadership functions. Our resources therefore present a proven ability to streamline strategic business goals and enablement of sustainable value to our clients.

Meet Our

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